Exam Zones-

Exam Zones is a private school that has been providing language training in the heart of Barcelona since 1977. Initially a French language school (thus the name "Langage" which means language in French), English was soon added as a course offering and quickly became the most popular language taught at the school. Today, aside from the TESOL Certificate Course, Langage Idiomas provides English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portugese, Italian, German, Russian and other language courses to many well-known multinational corporations in the greater Barcelona area. With a teaching staff of more than 45 language professionals, we are a well-established and respected institution in our community. Langage Idiomas is proud to host the first S.I.T. TESOL Course in Western Europe.

Langage Idiomas was founded by a group of professionals with extensive experience in teaching languages. Its creation was the result of the desire to offer programs adapted to client needs, designed and "made to measure" for each student. Our objectives: